Beautiful Day - Michael Buble


I completely forgot I made this video over the summer. But here is a snipit of a lyric video I made for Kris Allen’s song “Better With You”


I started making this video of the song “Summer Is Over” By Jon Mclaughlin ft Sara Bareilles just for fun back in may. Then it took me almost to the end of summer to finish it. This is most likely my favorite video yet!

Here’s a lyric video that I have been working on for the past few weeks just for fun. It’s for the song “Summer is Over” by Jon McLaughlin featuring on my of personal favorite artists Sara Bareilles. I don’t really know when the video will be up….since I am only about less than half way done with it. I was just too excited not to post this because it’s been a very long time since I have done a lyric video for fun.

And for those of you who are wondering I used ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS to make this video.

I should probably say “coming eventually” rather than “coming soon” because I have no idea when its going to be done.

Finally! The Dakota Green lyric video I have been working on is up! It’s for a song called “Can’t Get Enough.” Make sure to watch!

I’m thinking of doing a lyric video just for fun for my youtube channel. Does anybody have some song suggestions?

Here’s a new lyric video I made for the band ROOM 94. Make sure to check it out!…I also made their single art.

I said exciting things were happening….One of my subscribers on youtube recommended me to Erik Knudsen from the band Letters and Lights (He’s really good you should check him out….his EP drops tomorrow) to make a lyric video for him. So I did and here is the final product! WATCH! lol.

…and this is only the beginning.

Although I wasn’t able to upload the video to youtube….I was able to upload it to So here is the Lyric Video I Made for Joe Jonas’ song “See No More.”