Then finally here is the last project…..It was a second CD cover we had to do. I choose McFly and named it “American Invasion” hoping they would have an American invasion eventually… would have been perfect if not for the typo….just ignore it. lol.

….More graphic design from High School….this was a CD you had to make….I remember doing all those butterflies by hand with the pen tool….not fun.

The Last Pages…

I still think it’s strange that my high school experience is going to end this year, and my two little sisters are going to start theirs. It wasn’t until I began to talk to Ashley, Katelyn, and their best friend Morgan that I realized how scared I am to go back. It’s the same school, with the same people, and mostly the same teachers. But something about this year just seems…different…. This will be the last few pages of this part of my life, and it’s almost time to start a new chapter.