1. It hasn’t rained in over one or two weeks
  2. We live in front of a large area of wetlands….which even though “wetlands” has the word “wet" in it doesn’t necessarily mean they are not incapable of catching fire….especially when there hasn’t been rain.
  3. When the wetlands do catch on fire. It spreads like crazy. Which is horrifying especially when the brush fire is heading towards your house.

So tonight was terrifying. People have been lighting off fireworks in my neighborhood the whole summer. Not gonna lie I have lit off a few myself….but recently we have had no rain, and everything around us is extremely dry. Then in my backyard there is a vary large area of wetlands that becomes arid in the summer. Someone set off a bottle rocket and it went straight into the backyard and caught flame. No one in my house knew what was going on until I looked out my window to see a line of fire-rescue and police cars up and down the street. Then I looked in the backyard to see the wetlands engulfed in flames and heading straight towards my house. The next thing I knew firetrucks were swarming the block along with the whole neighborhood gawking to see the show. Luckily no one was hurt, and no houses caught on fire. But it was defiantly a close call. The firemen drenched the area so hopefully there’s not another fire anytime soon. But not gonna lie I was totally packed and was ready to evacuate….if only there wasn’t a firetruck blocking my car in.

WHY OH WHY Can’t McFly come to America. I wish I could afford to go to the UK. The First thing on my list would so BE go to a McFly concert.